Dolly Sods

The Dolly Sods Wilderness and Scenic Area is one of the Monongahela National Forest’s most treasured natural assets. Situated atop one of the highest plateaus east of the Mississippi, this U.S. Wilderness Area is characterized by weather typically found much further north in Canada, hence its nickname “a bit of Canada gone astray.”

Its rocky, boulder-strewn and densely forested landscape is home to several notable summits, including Coal Knob, Breathed Mountain and Blackbird Knob. The lofty elevation, much of it at nearly 4,000 feet, affords awe-inspiring views. More than 47 miles of hiking trails, some trail-to-rail and old logging roads, make the Dolly Sods Wilderness Area a fascinating place for hiking.

  • “A bit of Canada gone astray”
  • "Canada-like” flora and weather patterns
  • Summer: mountain laurel and blueberries
  • Winter: eerie formations of snow
  • True backcountry for cross-country skiers