Cheat River

Summer days spent on the Cheat River are about as refreshing an activity as they come.  How about a lazy afternoon drifting down river by inner tube, along with your cooler specific inner tube?  A solid splash of water to the face while being guided down the whitewater of the Cheat River, is a whole other type of refreshing.  For guided trips, boat rentals, and shuttle service contact Blackwater Outdoor Adventures or Patriots 4 Outdoors.

Anglers are kept busy pulling bass to trout from the Cheat River.  Just outside of Parsons, WV is Five Rivers Campground where camping and RV lodging is ideal for fishermen.  For boat rentals and shuttle service on the Cheat River, check out Blackwater Outdoor Adventures and Patriots 4 outfitters.

Tucker County is home to the Cheat River Water Trail.  Kind of like a rail trail is to bikers, this is for boaters.  Access points, resting areas, and points of interest are identified along the 40 mile stretch of the Cheat River.  Fish the banks of the Cheat for stocked Trout and Small Mouth Bass.  Dozens of public access points exist from Parsons, WV to Albright, WV.  FYI, the Cheat River flows south to north,  so plan your next river adventure accordingly!