10th Annual Canaan Mountain Bike Festival

2019 Canaan Mountain Bike Festival

The 11th annual Canaan Mountain Bike Festival is June 14th through the 17th. For almost 40 years mountain bikers have made the trek to Davis, West Virginia’s legendary terrain, seamless wilderness and world class races like the 24 Hours of Canaan. Putting her competitive nature aside, Davis, WV resident and former Trek World Mountain Bike Team member, Sue Haywood wanted to bring back the fun of riding bikes with friends. Sue began the Canaan Mountain Bike Festival in 2009.

Canaan Mountain bike festival rides to Lindy Point in Blackwater Falls State Park.


The Canaan Mountain Bike Festival is a class act in comradery. The festival has grown over the years because of the people and friendship born each festival. Riding bikes takes priority at this festival. You will not find bike demo or sponsor tents to take away from why you are here. Ride bikes, have fun. Period. This three day event is jam packed with bike and music events, group rides, food, and libations.


Group led rides for all abilities are organized Saturday and canvas all of Canaan Valley, Blackwater Falls State Park, Canaan Backcountry, and the infamous Moon Rocks trail system. Friday evening is the Trials n’ Food Truck event. The Blackwater Bicycle Association Fundraiser party Saturday night at Wicked Wilderness Pub includes dinner and live music/dance party. Sunday is for some social riding or breakfast, organized trail work, super popular guided kids ride, and legendary afternoon bike hash. If you are looking for the un-festival festival, you are in luck.


Bike skills clinics for all abilities are a big part of the weekend. Sue Haywood along with men’s and women’s specific professional instructors from around the region guide you through the paces. The bike clinics are men and women specific. A catered co-ed lunch by Whitegrass refuels the body before splitting back up into groups for rides led by each instructor. Sue’s clinics are very popular and do sell out, so don’t hesitate to sign up.

Canaan MTB Festival