Blackwater River

Meandering its way through Canaan Valley, the Blackwater River begins life.  From wetlands to raging whitewater cutting through the Blackwater Canyon and it's 1,000 ft walls.  An entire river ecosystem unfolds before your eyes from the mountains surrounding Canaan Valley.  Blackwater Falls State Park calls the canyon rim home to a 2,358 acre state park, lodge and iconic Blackwater Falls.  

The Blackwater River is separated into three sections, the upper, middle, and lower.  All of which offer their own unique personality and opportunities as you will find out below.  

Upper Blackwater River

Canaan Valley is the headwaters and considered the "upper" section of the Blackwater.  Wetlands turn into a meandering river winding its way through the valley floor and Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge.

Canaan Valley State Park Resort and Golf Course are located at the southern end of Canaan Valley along the banks of the Blackwater.  Relax to the sound of peepers chirping into the cool night air or take in the vistas provided on the Middle Ridge Trail.


Trout stocking is performed every spring on the upper reaches of the Blackwater River.  The Canaan Valley Wildlife Refuge has an ADA accessible fishing pier for everyone's convenience located less than a mile on Timberline Road. 


Middle Backwater River

The middle Blackwater sees the flow of water gradually pick up.  This stretch of river runs from the Beall Trail System(pictured above) Trail Head in the Canaan Valley Wildlife Refuge to the arched bridge in Blackwater Falls State Park.

 The classic pool-drop-pool seasoned fishermen look for is found upriver from the arched bridge in Blackwater Falls State Park.  Continue upriver of Davis, WV seven miles on Camp 70 road for all the fishing zones one can hope for.


Wildlife viewing of Bald Eagle and beaver are common along this stretch of the Blackwater River.  Fall foliage, photographers, and boaters are a match made in heaven with easy access points along Camp 70 Road.


Lower Blackwater River

 From this point on, the lower section of the Blackwater River turn into a wilderness canyon until reaching the Dry Fork River.  The iconic Blackwater Falls and it's viewing decks are located on this section of river.  Only accomplished fishermen, class IV whitewater kayakers, and dedicated outdoors men and women venture into the Blackwater Canyon.    

The Blackwater Canyon is a notorious trout watershed.  The West Virginia Department of Natural Resources stocks the canyon from below Blackwater Falls.  Guaranteeing the fish are out there.  You will earn this WV unique adventure in the heart of mountaineer country.


The views of the Blackwater Canyon are spectacular.  Try Lindy Point and Pendleton Point for amazing locations best known to Blackwater Falls State Park.