Autumn Color Peaking Now

Autumn Color Peaking Now by Brian Sarfino

Prime autumn colors are upon Tucker County. As of today, October 5th we can definitively state that peak fall color for the mountain highlands of Tucker County is this week. How convenient for the Columbus Day three day weekend!

Picture taken 9/30/2020.

Picture taken 10/5/2020.

Fall came earlier in 2020 than we have seen in recent years. For the upcoming weekend of October 10th, you can expect Canaan Valley, Dolly Sods and Blackwater Canyon to be magnificent. If you are a last minute planner like myself, this is the week to book lodging and settle into the most wonderful mountain getaway time of year.

How does one get the most out of Tucker County’s peak fall color? Rise early, stay late, and embrace the rain. You may have heard of the term golden hour. This is the time and hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset. Too experience the vibrancy of fall color this is the time of day you want to take it in.

Picture taken 10/5/2020.

Rain and fog really bring out the true potential of fall colors. Moisture covered leaves become vibrant across dramatic landscapes. If you have never heard Canaan Valley’s nick name, it is Can-rain Valley. It goes along with living here in Wet Virginia. Honestly, this is by far my favorite weather for leaf peeping or photography.

Peak autumn color is here. The time is now. For the next 5-7 days the upper elevations of Tucker County will be ablaze with color. As autumn fades down the Blackwater Canyon locations such as Lindy Point, Otter Creek Wilderness, and Parsons, WV will provide fantastic autumn color as October comes to a close.



Picture taken 10/5/2020