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220A East Avenue (Front Street), Thomas, WV, 26292

Nestled along the allegheny front, high in the mountains of West Virginia, is a practice that is founded on ancient tradition, wisdom and technique while taking a modern approach toward the wellbeing and maintenance of your health.  Allegheny Holistic Health Care was created as a resource to offer alternative treatment options to you for overall health and wellness!  Our practice utilizes acupuncture, east Asian medicine, massage and other wellness services as part of a holistic approach toward your healing.  Whether you're visiting for preventative maintenance, to relax and rejuvenate or suffering from a specific condition, we aim to alleviate not only your symptoms, but treat you as a complete person, enabling balance and wellness.  To learn more about the health benefits and specific treatable conditions for acupuncture, east Asian medicine and massage please follow the links. Take a further look into our practice by visiting the rest of our website. Feel free to contact us if you would like to speak in person or if you have any questions regarding our practice or the treatment options.  We look forward to working with you!