Culture & Communities

From hand-crafted pottery, furniture, and glass to hand-crafted micro-brews, Tucker Countians have a rich tradition in paying attention to the details. There are a number of galleries, eateries, and live music venues showcasing our talents daily!

It's not the kind of heritage you can find behind thick glass in a museum, in a dust-covered library archive, or crammed into a box in an attic. The melodic notes of our culture reverberate down quaint streets from pubs and corner cafes...our heritage grabs the senses from artisan galleries and eclectic shops...the genuine good nature of these places calls guests to relax street-side while the rest of the world rushes by.

Like many of her West Virginia neighbors, Tucker County's roots lie deep in the richness of the natural resources that once covered the land. Spruce and hemlock grew so tall and wide that it took an entire crew to lay each one down, and the waters were thoroughfares for rivers of timber flowing to market. People of all nationalities came here to work and live.

Today, second generation forests, smaller cousins to the native giants, are playgrounds for outdoor enthusiasts. Rivers now offer exciting runs for whitewater rafters and kayakers. The people are warm and friendly, and happy just to be here.

The Arts color evenings in Tucker County. The Celebration of the Arts sparks Independence Day Weekend with an outdoor symphony orchestra. You always have a chance to take a bit of Tucker County home with you. Local artists, photographers and crafters display their work in shops open throughout the seasons.


The former home of a thriving lumber business in the late 1800s and early 1900s, Davis now serves as one of the nations’s major outdoor recreation hubs. Today, many of the old buildings now have new occupants who offer visitors lodging, West Virginia arts and crafts, antiques, gifts, souvenirs, fine food and beverage establishments, as well as guides and gear for every outdoor adventure.


A community that once boasted substantial coal and timber business has become a leading purveyor of artisan wares and live music! Beautifully-detailed turn-of- the- century architecture houses some of the Mid-Atlantic’s finest galleries and shops on the quaint Front Street, where guests can sample some spectacular regional fare and unwind through the night.

For more information about the history of Thomas and the walking tour available, check out their website.


The Eastern Gateway to Tucker County, Parsons was incorporated in 1893. This quaint river city lies at the confluence of the Shavers Fork, Black Fork and the Cheat Rivers. Each of these waterways offers visitors ample paddle sports and fishing opportunities. The courthouse in Parsons, built in 1900, has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places.